Hello World! Blog Post #1

My name is Angelica Felder and I choose to set up this blog with simplicity in mind. The first thing I tend to notice online is the look of it and how I can maneuver the website. Questions like: Is it professional? Does it look safe? What do I click on? Are always on my mind. I chose not to have an ‘about me’ page due to personal reasons and desire for security in my online presence. Though, I did put a course information page to act as an easy way to get to this class links given by the professor; acting as a sort of information page you see on other websites. I know sometimes people need refreshers so I thought I would add an option to easily access readings and directions.

After reviewing the readings and having the class google themselves I discovered I would like some ambiguity when it comes to my digital identity. In addition, I may be considered a digital native but you would not think so if you observed me using technology! I feel as if my approach to digital identity fits with the narrative we have been discussing. I do not present a lot of detail in my life in person; so I am not going to online.