Blog 7 Extra Credit

I like to think I am pretty secure in my digital footprint. I never write down my passcodes and keep my privacy option on. I also never link where I currently am and have a limited digital life. I now know that for an application like Facebook selecting ‘private account’ in settings does not lock it down as much as I thought but does limit information. Since anyone can go online and look anyone up, it is not hard to access information, as we demonstrated, in the beginning, this course, but my digital security and footprint are minimal. I like that, I am not one to enjoy lots of information out there about me so I would love to learn more about how I can be digitally secure, though I am not sure on what I can do to improve it. The things hackers and all others mentioned in the blog post prompt could discover about me are the same things they could see if we were friends- both digitally as a follower on a social media account and in real life. If they hacked my facebook they would see minimal pictures and my Aunt tagging me in things she finds funny. If they hacked something like my google account they would see a lot of spam mail from places I never thought of again after giving them my email and my digital receipt for a dog harness for my new dog: Penny.

I do know I am not very tech savvy, so I tend to limit myself from technology. That is probably one of the reasons I feel secure in my digital footprint; as I do not have much out there. I do also realize that it may not be as secure as I think it is since I am lacking in the technology department.

Again, I am happy to learn more about being digitally secure, I think Google will be my friend in figuring that out. Moving onto the significance of government surveillance I think it is necessary. Our government may need to improve on its execution of the surveillance technique but, I think it is a- for lack of a better phrase- “nescessary evil”. It moniters the digital securety on a mass scale and can ‘red flag’ things for the greater good.

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