Skill 6: Text Mining

Wordweb Screenshot

I found this text mining skill interesting. I always saw word webs like the one pictured above and wondered how many times specific words were used in an article or novel, but text mining puts a formula to work that answers those question. By imputing “The Women Citizen” distant reading files I was able to sort through important words, find correlation and add even more depth to the reading. I did have to add to my voyant tools stopwords as previously the word web also included: “women, woman, make, and long”. Though Mrs. seems like I should have made it a stopword; I kept it present in the photo above to represent how though there where some suffragist who were single and never been married most where wives. They kept their voices even though they were now Mrs. and maybe even demonstrated a point that you can – as the article put it- “keep your duty and place” by being wanton for a husband and perform duties as your own person at the same time.

Also, in the word web (also charted in the screenshots below) is that the word war appears a ton, 565 times to be exact. That is due to the fact that in this reading and in past discussions about women’s rights and suffrage was debated as the United States was entering world war 1. It was questioned whether or not women should back down and “pay some respect” to their country in this time of distress or fight the fact that democracy was not fully being practiced stateside. Women’s approach to reform to many approaches through articles such as the one for this assignment, to protests and rallies, to conventions and many acts of demonstrations. As you can see this article just doesn’t cover want for the creation of the 19th amendment, it discusses ways to improve the city and states, as well as how being a CITIZEN – not merely man or women- is important. The fact that this reading is named Women Citizen can be thought to highlight the importance of women places in the country and how our ‘place’ is broader than man thought.

Looking at the tool in the photo below it demonstrates correlations and significance of words broadening one’s ideas. This assignment was helpful to me in understanding the backgrounds of relating technology and tools to a concept. Skill 6 demonstrated the usefulness of IT to not only digital historians but to other fields. Thinking of using text mining in a research study, dissertations, medical reports and many other sources of text to fully comprehend and understand information. It also, to me, is a prime example (more than other assignments) of creating and answering questions.

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